I am single, my parents already old and I do not want to border my siblings when event happen.

I am single, I am with my own now. I had no siblings nor parents around anymore

How Single Trust Help me?

By setting up a Single Trust, it can give you peace of mind knowing that when you are not fit to make any financial decisions/ illnesses happen and need someone to take care of us, there are funds available to take care of all this without putting ourselves in bad situation.

The Single Trust allows you to:

✅ Receive money as one of the beneficiaries during your lifetime should you become critically ill and disabled;

✅ Distribute your assets the way you want to as the trust will be customized to fulfill your wishes;

✅ Use your life insurance policy(ies) and/or other assets such as unit trust and moneys in bank account, to easily set up the trust;

✅ Be assured that the trust assets will be quickly available when you need it for maintenance, medical fees and daily expenses.

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