As modern parents nowadays, we always travel together. the questions that most parent will ask will be: –

What if both of us not around at the same time?

  • Who is going to take care of our young kids?
  • Will the money we leave for our kids in the good hand of someone?
  • Will the money we plan for our child education, maintenance & medical expenses taking care of??
  • Will we burden our lovely family financially to take care of our children

The Parents With Young Kids Trust allows you to:

✅ Receive money as one of the beneficiaries during your lifetime should you become critically ill and disabled

✅ Distribute your assets the way you want to as the trust will be customized to fulfill your wishes

✅ Change the distribution terms as your children are growing up to meet their different needs

✅ Use your life insurance policy(ies) and/or other assets such as unit trust and moneys in bank account, to easily set up the trust

✅ Be assured that the trust assets will be quickly available when you and/or your children need it for maintenance, medical fees and education expenses.

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