Children Education Planning

As parents, there are hardly any stronger aspirations than providing the best of everything for your children. It is the dream of every parent(s) to facilitate the best possible upbringing for their children and assure the best future for them.  But whether the dream will be realised or merely remain as a dream have to cross the bridge of multiples realities.  And for a proper plan to be in the place we need to take into account all the realities of the times that we are living in.  Are you saving your children education fund in the correct way? Do ask yourself…

  • Does your existing plan provide you with the flexibility to tackle the “Ups and Downs” throughout the years before the education fund is needed?
  • A straightforward and easy saving method via one or more education plan(s) via insurance from the birth of your child, is it the best solution? Is the future return meeting your objective? Is the money ready for your child at age 18 or 25?
  • How often do you evaluate your children education planning and ensure that they are meeting your objective in view of the increasing education cost and recent market condition?

Is your existing planning the most effective and best suit your living standard while meeting your children education objective?

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