It is not easy to take care of Challenge Kids , I am worried about my kids what I can do for them?
  • Who is going to take care of my young kids ?
  • Will the money we leave for my young kids in good hand of someone?
  • Will the money we plan for our child education, maintenance & medical expenses taking care of
  • Will we burden our lovely family financially to take care of my young kids

Challenge Kids Trust allows you to:

✅ Receive money as one of the beneficiaries during your lifetime should you become critically ill and disabled

✅ Distribute your assets the way you want to as the trust will be customized to fulfil your wishes;

✅ Change the distribution terms as your children are growing up to meet their different needs;

✅ Use your life insurance policy(ies) and/or other assets such as unit trust and money in bank account, to easily set up the trust;

✅ Be assured that the trust assets will be quickly available when you need it for maintenance, medical fees and daily expenses.

What assets can you place into the trust?

Usually assets that generate income, such as properties that have rental income, listed company shares, insurance policies, unit trust and moneys in bank accounts are placed into the trust. This would allow the trustee to use the proceeds to pay for the children’s expenses for maintenance, education and medical.

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