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Importance of Consistency Saving

Importance of Consistancy Saving We are here to assist Name* Email* Contact No* Subject Message

The Importance of Writing A Wasiat

When a Muslim passes on, all his assets will be frozen. Without a Wasiat, all the lawful beneficiaries under Faraid principle will have to appoint an Administrator who is a person to administer the deceased’s estate and distribute it according to Hukum Faraid. The consent in writing must be obtained from all the beneficiaries for [...]


执行人4个必备的条件 We are here to assist Will Planning & Execution (遗产分配规划)Insurance & TrustsLegal Services

Making a Nomination in the Private Retirement Schemes (PRS)

Government introduced the Private Retirement Schemes (PRS) which is a voluntary contribution pension scheme to encourage people to save more for their retirement other than EPF contributions. When you invest in the Private Retirement Schemes, you will automatically be enrolled as a member of Private Pension Administrator (PPA) Malaysia. Therefore, you are allowed to make [...]

Securing the future of family business with a Will (Mandarin)

Source – Busy Weekly / Wealth Management (23 January 2021) – Page 2 & 3 We are here to assist Name* Email* Contact No* Subject Message

Do I Need a Will?

Do I need a Will?✅ Are you married? ✅ Do you have any dependant(s) (young children / elderly parents / special needs child)? ✅ Do you know that you can appoint the Guardian of your choice for your children in your Will? ✅ Do you know that your assets will be frozen upon death? ✅ [...]